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32 Hours a Day我們的一天

 The liminal space at two ends of the world   2020




Concept Scenario.jpg

I have 24 hours a day, he has 24 hours a day but our one day is 32 hours due to the 8 hours time difference. We can sense the overlap of the extra nonexistent 1/3 day but the time-space shifting which we try our best to synchronise in always happens on the monotonous screen.

This three-mode tiny liminal space at two ends of the world comes from the concept of time zones which change in units of 15 degrees longitude. Made possible by the result of the improvement of communication technology, across these global time zones, millions of long-distance relationships (LDR) have been formed. The lost physical connection is compensated by communication technology, this project redresses this.


When people have communication with the other end of a screen, we can observe different levels of intimacy by their behaviour without asking who they're talking with. Wherever the user sets the lens, in the corner or in front of the wall, the range of screen changes with space behind. Then, a different intimacy level has formed.

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